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What are cookies?

Cookies are small strings of text that a website sends to the user’s device in order to optimise browsing and services, and to improve the functionality and use of the website. Cookies are used to manage authentication, track sessions and store user preferences.

Cookies can be saved on the device and remain active for a variable amount of time or can be deleted when the browser is closed.

Some cookies are necessary as they support essential functions of our website, such as the settings for a user’s session.

In addition to browsing or session cookies, this website also uses functional cookies, which remember the choices made by the user (such as language or country of origin) in order to offer an advanced, personalised service.

We also use technical cookies to check that users have accepted to receive cookies, in accordance with current legislation.

Management of cookies

By default, almost all web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically.

Users can choose to disable the use of cookies or limit their functions by customising the settings on their browser, and browser preferences can also be used to delete cookies that have been installed in the past. It is important to note that disabling, blocking or deleting cookies may adversely affect the user experience and functionality of our website. Even disabling third-party cookies could interfere with the proper operation of the website.

Instructions on managing cookies in various browsers are available at the following links:



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