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Model Code: SKU 05251.120.009

Color: gold
Available in 6 Models
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.120.009
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.120.000
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.078.027
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.078.000
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.075.070
  • I-I ELLIOT 05251 SUPERTHICK 05251.075.000
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Product Description

Sunglasses made entirely of steel, rich in detail despite their minimal design. The frame is super thick with one-piece lugs that make lens insertion easy, while the ceramic nose-pads ensure prolonged comfort as well as innovation. The machined steel temples have logos in high relief. Solid colour and gradient-tinted lenses.

Gender: uomo

Material: metal frame

Shape: quadrata

Family: superthick metal

Temple: 145mm
Bridge: 18mm
Lens: 55mm

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