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Model Code: SKU H007.075.045

Color: silver
Available in 4 Models
  • HUBLOT H007 H007.120.PLR
  • HUBLOT H007 H007.075.078
  • HUBLOT H007 H007.075.045
  • HUBLOT H007 H007.075.000

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Product Description

Hublot frames H007, Hublot Tech sunglasses

This stylish and imaginative design, from the "Tech" family in the Hublot and Italia Independent 2018 collection, makes use of a combination of different shapes and materials.

The Hublot Tech sunglasses have:

  • a structure consisting of alternating layers of materials (titanium, lens, titanium)
  • an innovative design, inspired by prized Hublot watches
  • high quality, super-protective Zeiss lenses, also available in a polarised version

The contrast between a rounded silhouette and sharp angles give Hublot H007 sunglasses their special character; a quality that lends the wearer a unique style.

Gender: uomo

Material: metal frame

Shape: aviator doppio ponte

Family: hublot tech

Temple: 145mm
Bridge: 0mm
Lens: 136mm

The world seen through Italia Independent lenses

Only for illustrative purposes. The live effect could be different.

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