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No longer available

Model Code: SKU 0816.001.012

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This product made the Italia Independent history. It is now discontinued though. Are you looking for something similar? Email us the item code and we will help you to find the Italia Independent glasses perfect for you!

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Color: white
Available in 8 Models
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.BGM.120
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.BGM.071
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.001.012
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.044.041
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.021.022
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.009.GLS
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.009.071
  • I-I MOD RAYMOND 0816 COMBO 0816.009.000

Product Description

Sunglasses with a vintage-inspired design, made of a double combined material. The vintage I-combo features an innovative steel and injected cellulose acetate frame, designed with care to ensure maximum comfort. The steel front frame is screwed onto the bridge and onto the injected cellulose acetate lugs. The plastic temples sport metal I-I logos. The glasses are further enhanced by the metal details on the lugs at the front.

Gender: unisex

Material: metallo / plastica

Shape: ottogonale

Family: combo vintage

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