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Model Code: SKU H006.078.000

Color: gun
Disponible en 4 modelos
  • I-I MOD. H006 HUBLOT H006.120.PLR
  • I-I MOD. H006 HUBLOT H006.120.078
  • I-I MOD. H006 HUBLOT H006.078.000
  • I-I MOD. H006 HUBLOT H006.075.000
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Descripción del producto

A Japanese handmade collection that gets its inspiration by the Hublot watches. Here tradition and modern techniques are perfectly melt together. Titanium frames represent research and innovation of the Swiss brand. The main concept is “Art of Fusion”, where the combination of different materials make the product unique. The collection is characterized by customized details, such as the H-Hublot screws and the low-relief logos on the temples. The Tech family is represented by the overlapping of different layers of material, where the lenses are enclosed between titanium, in the same way as Hublot watches are. The front is the union between a sharp and a harmonious shape put together. Lenses are branded Zeiss, to ensure the consumer the highest quality and to protect from solar rays. Polar lenses are also included.

Género: unisex

Material: metal frame

Forma: rotonda

Familia: hublot techshield

Varilla: 145mm
Puente: 12mm
Calibre: 59mm

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