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Model Code: SKU H013.075.078

Color: silver
Disponible en 4 modelos
  • HUBLOT H013 H013.120.PLR
  • HUBLOT H013 H013.078.PLR
  • HUBLOT H013 H013.075.078
  • HUBLOT H013 H013.075.000
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Descripción del producto

Hublot square sunglasses, Hublot frames H013

The Hublot H013 model forms part of the "Bold" family in the Hublot and Italia Independent 2018 collection. It stands out from other designs produced by the Italian-Swiss partnership due to the distinctive pattern on the rims of the glasses: a stylish bas-relief composed of interwoven logos.

The Hublot H013 square-shaped sunglasses have:

  • Hublot logos on the frame, the temples and the screws
  • both glossy and matt surfaces, which give character and variety to the frame
  • Zeiss lenses, ensuring excellent protection from the sun and superb optical performance

The frames for Hublot H013 glasses are handcrafted in Japan, and designed by us at Italia Independent in collaboration with Hublot. The lenses are produced in Germany by Zeiss, and are also available in a polarised version in green and smoke colours.

Género: uomo

Material: metal frame

Forma: quadrata

Familia: hublot bold

Varilla: 145mm
Puente: 17mm
Calibre: 54mm

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