Milan, 10 April 2018 – Hublot and Italia Independent are proud to announce the signing of an international agreement for the creation of a licensed eyewear collection to be launched in September 2018 which will have widespread visibility in the boutiques of the two brands as well as in selected stores. 

The luxury Swiss Manufacture, that stands for being always First. Unique. Different, and the fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Lapo Elkann have announced a licensing agreement that promises unique and distinctive products that combine the core values of both brands and enhance their DNA. 

This agreement represents the union of the strength of the two iconic brands, united by a passion for crossovers and experimentation, an innate ability to reinvent themselves by tapping into seemingly distant worlds and a coherent and extremely recognisable design. 

“With this agreement Italia Independent crowns a synergy that has been built up over time, a partnership the fruits of which are destined to last over time because it offers a unique, personal experience that is able to excite and make people dream. I am proud of this extraordinary love story that has given Italia Independent the opportunity to share its propensity for innovation and creativity with a world leader in Swiss luxury watchmaking. I have had the good fortune to work together with Hublot from the time I was with Ferrari and now the story goes on with Italia Independent and Garage Italia. Our partnership has always been characterised by both teams’ desire to work side by side: a bond that is further strengthened today and this is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.” 

Lapo Elkann, Founder and Creative Chairman of Italia Independent and Garage Italia 

“This licensing agreement is extremely important to us because it highlights our ability to attract brands of excellence and strengthens the process of relaunching Italia Independent, allowing us to enter a premium eyewear segment with Hublot, a unique company in terms of style, innovation and creativity.” 

Giovanni Carlino, Italia Independent CEO 

"The collaboration between Hublot and Lapo Elkann and Italia Independent is a marvellous example of our concept "The Art of Fusion". It fuses two creative spirits, both intent on leaving the beaten track behind, and on furthering the quest to use new materials. We have worked together since 2014 and hope it will continue in the future.” 

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO