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181,00 US$
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Model Code: SKU 5869.149.000

Colore: multicolor
Disponibile in 6 modelli
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.MRM.071
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.149.000
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.092.000
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.032.002
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.021.000
  • LEONARD 5869 5869.009.000
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Descrizione prodotto

Eyeglasses made with the innovative Hexetate material, a patented acrylic resin with superior technical and mechanical properties to those of traditional acetate. This material, in fact, allows the glasses to be firmer yet also 11% lighter than glasses made with the traditional cellulose acetate. Like acetate, Hexetate is also produced in sheets and cut using a numerically-controlled machine. It is also a recyclable, eco-friendly material as it does not contain BPA or DEP, nor does it require any plasticiser. The frame is characterised by thin profiles, embellished by the Italia Independent logo in metal on the temples and on the joints. To complete the wide range of Italia Independent eyeglasses, for the first time the Flex hinge has been added to guarantee great comfort and a better fit.

Genere: unisex

Materiale: acetato

Forma: rotonda

Famiglia: hexy-thin

Asta: 145mm
Ponte: 19mm
Calibro: 49mm

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